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First Contact with the Field: Experiences of an Early Career Researcher in the Context of National and International Politics in Kenya (Njoki Wamai, Journal of Human Rights Practice)

last modified Jul 22, 2014 02:49 PM
16th July 2014


The Journal of Human Rights Practice has published a practice note on the fieldwork experience of POLIS PhD candidate and former CGHR Student Group member, Njoki Wamai

The piece focuses on the various identity dilemmas and challenges faced during fieldwork within the context of the ongoing international human rights-related trial and investigation process of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Kenya, which is the subject of Njoki's doctoral research. In the note, Njoki discusses how safety can be assured and access negotiated in the field, especially in the context of the ICC trial which has shaped human rights-related research in the counties that are the focus of her work.

The full article is available to read online here.