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Politics and Interactive Media in Africa (PiMA) is an 18-month collaborative research project funded by the ESRC and DFID, with a focus on the expressions of ‘public opinion’ in broadcast media via new information and communication technologies (ICT) such as mobile phones in Kenya and Zambia. It also examines the political implications of such interactions in the two African countries, with a view to drawing conclusions of wider significance to practitioners and policymakers.

By examining interactive radio and TV programmes comparatively in the context of electoral and everyday politics in Kenya and Zambia, we aim to advance understanding of the significance of such hybrid and convergent technological developments in Africa for the contribution of democratic governance to poverty alleviation. The project takes into account the hybrid character of the use of ICTs and the interactions between different modes, venues and actors of information gathering and dissemination, which are particularly prominent among Africa’s poorest people.

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