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Benefactors and Funders

CGHR continues to grow and diversify its funding sources for research activities. In addition to the David and Elaine Potter Foundation, the joint scheme of the UK Economic and Social Research Council and Department for International Development, the Cairns Charitable Trust and the Isaac Newton Trust, CGHR also secured support from the Cambridge-Alborada Research Fund, the Smuts Memorial Fund, the Vice-Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund and through a donation from YouGov PLC to Cambridge’s Department of Politics and International Studies. The Centre is now focused on securing multi-year funding for research posts to seize the opportunities we have created for innovative research that deepens knowledge with impact.

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation

The Centre of Governance and Human Right’s Director, Dr Sharath Srinivasan, is POLIS’ first David and Elaine Potter Lecturer in Governance and Human Rights. This lectureship was established thanks to a generous benefaction to the University in 2008 from the David and Elaine Potter Foundation. Established in 1999 by David and Elaine Potter, the Foundation seeks to achieve an impact through grants that promote reason, education, and human rights, in the hope of improving mutual understanding, reinforcing good governance, and encouraging the growth and maintenance of a robust civil society, particularly in less developed countries. The Foundation and the University agreed that the Lecturer should focus particularly on Africa and serve as the Director of the new interdisciplinary Centre.

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The Cairns Charitable Trust

The generous donation made to the Centre by the Cairns Charitable Trust, founded by Lord Cairns, pump-primed CGHR's work on New Communication Technologies and Citizen-led Governance in Africa (2011-13), and the pilot project for Africa's Voices. The funds enabled CGHR to take on postdoctoral research associates, support its collaboration with FrontlineSMS and conduct fieldwork in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda.

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The Smuts Memorial Fund

The Smuts Memorial Fund was established after the death of Jan Christiaan Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa and Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, for the advancement of Commonwealth Studies at the University. CGHR received a research grant from the Smuts Memorial Fund to support travel expenses for the Africa’s Voices field trip to Malawi, Zambia and Kenya.

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The Isaac Newton Trust

The Isaac Newton Trust was established in 1988 by Trinity College,Cambridge. The objects of the Trust are to promote learning, research and education in the University of Cambridge. The Trust makes grants for research purposes within Cambridge University and the grant awarded to the Centre has allowed CGHR to maintain its core staff of research associates.

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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID)

In April 2012, CGHR was awarded highly competitive ESRC-DFID research funding for the 18-month PiMA project on how African broadcast media are using new ICTs to gather public opinion, and their effects on political accountability.

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With already strong links to POLIS, YouGov made a generous grant to the Department of Politics and International Studies, which CGHR has benefitted from in support of the Africa’s Voices project.

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The Cambridge-Africa Alborada Research Fund

CGHR researchers successfully secured funding from the Cambridge-Africa Alborada Research Fund, which aims to support research and research-related travel, workshops and courses in the African countries. The awards given to Dr Sharath Srinivasan and Dr Alastair Fraser will allow them to expand their collaborative work on Africa’s Voices and the PiMA project with African research partners.

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The Vice-Chancellor's Discretionary Fund

The Centre was also awarded funding from the Vice-Chancellor's Discretionary Fund, to support research into the further development of a social enterprise spin-off of the Africa’s Voices project.

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