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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)



Key publications: 

Book chapters and monographs
Orkin, K. 2012. Are Work and Schooling Complementary or Competitive for Children in Rural Ethiopia? In Bourdillon, M. and Boyden, J. (eds.), Children Growing Up in Poverty: Multidisciplinary Approaches (Basingstoke: Palgrave): 298-315.Google books. Information on book.

Orkin, K., Yadete, W. A., Woodhead, M. 2012. Delivering Quality Early Learning in Low-Resource Settings: Progress and Challenges in Ethiopia. Bernard van Leer Foundation Monographs in Early Childhood Development (59; The Hague: Bernard van Leer Foundation): 1-88. Young Lives site entry
Journal articles
Orkin, K. 2011. “See First, Think Later, Then Test”: How Economists Researching Children in Developing Countries Can Mix Methods. European Journal of Development Research, 23 (5): 774–791. Pre-publication version. 
Orkin, K. 2010. In the Best Interests of the Child? Legislation on Children's Work in Rural Ethiopia. Journal of International Development, 22 (8): 1102–1114. Pre-publication version. Audio of talk at Copeland Colloquium 2010/11 at Amherst College.
Working papers
Bernard, T., Dercon, S., Orkin, K and Seyoum Taffesse, A. 2014. The Future in Mind: Aspirations and Forward-Looking Behaviour in Rural Ethiopia. BREAD Working Paper Series (429; Durham, North Carolina: Duke University): 1-42. 
        Funder page is here. 
        Documentaries and one of the placebo videos used in the RCT are here. 
        Blogs on the paper by Elwyn Davies on the CSAE blogDavid McKenzie on Development Impact, and Markus Goldstein on Development Impact.

Orkin, K. 2013. The Effect of Lengthening the School Day on Children's Achievement in Ethiopia Young Lives Working Paper Series (113; Oxford: University of Oxford): 1–36. 

Orkin, K. 2011. Are Work and Schooling Complementary or Competitive for Children in Rural Ethiopia? Young Lives Working Paper Series (76; Oxford: University of Oxford): 1–32. 

Orkin, K. 2011. "If God Wills, Next Year I Will Send Her Back to School": The Effects of Illness on School Participation in Rural Ethiopia. CREATE Pathways to Access Monographs (60; Brighton: University of Sussex): 1-60. CREATE website.
Stipendary Research Fellow at Clare Hall, Cambridge
Dr Kate  Orkin
Not available for consultancy