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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)


We are fortunate to have an engaged student community from across the university. This is headed by our Student Group, which plays a central role in coordinating events, publicity & outreach. Each year, the Student Group makes a crucial and often inspired contribution to CGHR's work, bringing fresh ideas and helping to open up new directions for CGHR activities.  


Student Group 2019/2020



Dr Rachell Sánchez-RiveraResearch Associate - Department of Sociology

Dr Rachell Sanchez


Ava Liu
Saide Mobayed, PhD Candidate - Department of Sociology
Jing Min Tan
Lena Riecke, Law Tripos
Niamh McLoughlin, Master of Laws (LL.M)
Marco Piccolo Brescacin, Master of Laws (LL.M)
Marija Dobric, Master of Laws (LL.M)

Past Student Group Members

  • Andrew Eslich
  • Felipe Antonio Armiño Losilla
  • Kiara van Hout
  • Lena Riecke
  • Yi Ning Chang
  • Aarushi Sahore
  • Alexis Pala
  • Anouk Wear
  • Tellef Raabe
  • Zara Qaiser
  • Deepa Iyer
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Samantha Braver
  • Cameron MacKay
  • Imogen Galiee
  • Dora Robinson
  • Aditi Patil
  • Felicia Cao
  • Jacki Crowell
  • Genevieve Riccoboni
  • Arindrajit (Jit) Basu
  • Michael Elliot
  • Joshua McLeod
  • Daniel Ferguson
  • Halah Ahmad
  • Tiffanie Chika Obilor
  • Nikta Daijavad
  • David Orr
  • Georgiana Epure
  • Beatriz Esperanca
  • Laura Breen
  • Matt Mahmoudi
  • Eva Milne
  • Scott Novak
  • Max Curtis
  • Talia Zybutz
  • Joanna Kozlowska
  • Mary Charlotte Caroll
  • Florence Gildea
  • Partha Moman
  • Lucia Linares
  • Lucia Graham-Wood
  • Scott Limbrick
  • Eva Namusokee
  • Yi Ren Thng
  • Jesse Coleman
  • Gabriela Martinez
  • Lila Glick
  • Hannah Tigerschiold
  • Yvonne Frankfruth
  • Lucy McMahon
  • Njoki Wamai
  • Lou Cantwell
  • Justine Kolata
  • Zoe Petkanas
  • Robert Norfolk-Whittaker
  • Mona Elbahtimy
  • Justin Kempley
  • Daniella Ritzau-Reid
  • Hubertus Jürgenliemk
  • Nadia Kevlin
  • Rachel Kean
  • Taylor Burns
  • Jocelyn Perry
  • Rohan Lambore
  • Anne Martine Norli Solstad 
  • Naudia O'Shaughnessy
  • Mara Gonzalez-Souto
  • Zach Blanchard
  • Rebekah Larsen
  • Babak Mahommadzadeh
  • Clara Strandhoj
  • Rebecca Vaa
  • Annette LaRocco
  • Stephanie Diepeveen
  • Eugenia Tanaka

As CGHR’s Student Group Coordinator I helped manage the publicity, outreach and events of a research centre at the cutting edge of its field. I honed a range of competencies, from editing and writing skills to organising content for social media, as well as gaining experience in leading an enthusiastic and engaged team. We had ample opportunity to make new connections and execute initiatives to expand the reach of the Centre. It was particularly enjoyable to be exposed to the ideas, people and conversations around CGHR, which enlivened my academic experience and exposed me to new pathways for putting my degree into practice. 

Partha Moman, CGHR Student Group Coordinator (2014-15).