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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)



Key publications: 

Journal Articles

(2014, forthcoming) 'Ethno-religious conflict and local security practices among farmers and pastoralists of the Jos Plateau, central Nigeria'.

(2013) ‘The origins and transformation of the Boko Haram insurgency in northern Nigeria’ - published in French translation as:  ‘Les origines et la transformation de l’insurrection de Boko Haram dans le nord du Nigeria’, Politique Africaine, 130: 137-164. 

(2008) ‘Social mobilisation and collective violence: vigilantes and militias in the lowlands of Plateau State, Central Nigeria’. Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 78 (1): 109-135.

(2007) ‘The politics of urban violence in Jos, Nigeria, from colonial rule to the 2007 elections’ - published in French translation as 'Violence urbaine et politique à Jos (Nigeria), de la période colonial aux élections de 2007', Politique Africaine, 106: 69-91. 


Working papers

(2013) Rural Insecurity on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria: livelihoods, land, and religious reform among the Berom, Fulani, and Hausa. Oxford: Nigeria Research Network, 94 pp.

Mustapha, A. R; Higazi, A.; Lar, J.; Karel, K. (2012), Jos: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Conflict Resolution. Oxford: Nigeria Research Network, 85 pp.


Book chapters 

(2009) ‘Integrating Migration and Development Policies: Challenges for ACP-EU Cooperation’ (53pp.), in Razzaque, M. A. (ed.) Trade, Migration, and Labour Mobility. London: Cameron May Ltd. for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

(2009) ‘Response to Ken Wiwa, ‘If this is your Land, where are your Stories?’’ [on the Niger Delta conflicts], in T. Chesters (ed.) Land Rights: The Oxford Amnesty Lectures 2005. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Book reviews

(2014, forthcoming), Review of 'Authority Stealing: Anti-Corruption War and Democratic Politics in Post-Military Nigeria' by W. Adebanwi. Durham (NC): Carolina Academic Press, 2012, 450 pp., in: The Journal of Modern African Studies (52/1).

(2013) Review of Andersson-Trovalla, U. Medicine for Uncertain Futures: A Nigerian City in the Wake of a Crisis. Uppsala: Uppsala Univ., 2011. In: Anthropos.


Other publications

(July 2013) 'Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in North-East Nigeria', online article for CERI - Sciences Po, Paris - as part of a dossier on the Sahel:

(2013) ‘Nigeria’, in W. Slater (ed.) The Annual Register: World Events 2012. Cambridge: ProQuest.

(2012) ‘Nigeria’, in D. S. Lewis & W. Slater (eds.) The Annual Register: World Events 2011. Cambridge: ProQuest.

(2011) ‘Nigeria’, in D. S. Lewis & W. Slater (eds.) The Annual Register: World Events 2010. Cambridge: ProQuest.

(2011) The Jos Crisis: A Recurrent Nigerian Tragedy. Abuja: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

(2005) Informal Remittance Systems: Ghana Country Study. Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford. Commissioned by DFID and the EC’s Poverty Reduction Effectiveness Programme. 

(2003) Policy Levers in Ghana. Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity, University of Oxford. Report for DfID.

(2003) ‘Dilemmas and Definitions in Post-Conflict Rehabilitation’, cover article in The ACP-EU Courier, No. 198, May-June 2003, pp 28-31.

Junior Research Fellow in African Studies
Fellow, King's College
Dr Adam  Higazi
Not available for consultancy