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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)



Key publications: 

Blackwell, A.F. (2014). Structuring the social, inside software design. In J. Leach and L. Wilson (eds)Subversion, Conversion, Development: Cross-Cultural Knowledge Exchange and the Politics of Design MIT Press.

Guevara, K. and Blackwell, A.F. (2013). A reflective examination of a process for innovation and collaboration in internet science. In Proceedings of the The 1st International Conference on Internet Science, Brussels, 9-11 April 2013, pp. 37-41.

Blackwell, A., Wilson, L., Boulton, C. and Knell, J. (2010). Creating value across boundaries: Maximising the return from interdisciplinary innovation.NESTA Research Report CVAB/48, May 2010.

Blackwell, A.F., Eckert, C.M., Bucciarelli, L.L. and Earl, C.F. (2009). Witnesses to design: A phenomenology of comparative design. Design Issues25(1), 36-47.

Reader in Interdisciplinary Design
Research Themes:
Technology Design Research and Critique
Digital Aesthetics and Representation
Sociotechnical Systems
Dr Alan  Blackwell
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
Digital Technologies, Media and Political Change
Africa's Voices