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Dr Sebastian Ahnert
  • Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.
Dr Anne Alexander
  • Co-ordinator of the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network
Dr John Barker
  • Director of Cambridge Governance Labs
  • Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
  • Law Fellow at Hughes Hall
01223 335358
Dr Duncan Bell
  • Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Studies
Dr Alan Blackwell
  • Reader in Interdisciplinary Design
  • Research Themes:
  • Technology Design Research and Critique
  • Digital Aesthetics and Representation
  • Sociotechnical Systems
Dr David Blunt
  • Research Fellow, POLIS
  • Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Corpus Christi College
01223 767 231
Dr Jude Browne
  • Jessica and Peter Frankopan Director of Gender Studies
  • Fellow, King's College
Dr Devon Curtis
  • University Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Studies
Dr Harri Englund
  • Reader; Fellow, Churchill; Director, Centre of African Studies
Dr Markus Gehring
  • University Lecturer; Deputy Director Centre for European Legal Studies, Cambridge
Dr David Good
  • Director of Education
  • Lecturer in the Department of Psychology
Dr Niklas Hultin
  • Isaac Newton Research Associate, Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge
  • Co-editor, African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review (Indiana University Press, in partnership with the West African Research Association and the Africa Peace and Conflict Network)
Dr Laura James
  • Teaching Associate
  • Comparative Politics
01223 767233
Dr Sarah Nouwen
  • University Lecturer in Law
  • Fellow of the Lauterpacht Centre
  • Fellow, Pembroke College
Dr Glen Rangwala
  • Lecturer in POLIS
  • Trinity College
Dr Pieter van Houten
  • Lecturer
  • Churchill College
Dr Liz Watson
  • University Senior Lecturer and Pybus Fellow of Newnham College