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Dr Florence Brisset-Foucault

Key Publications

(2013) "Buganda royalism and political competition in Uganda's 2011 elections", Journal of Eastern African Studies, 7 (3): 509-529.

(2013) "A Citizenship of distinction in the open radio debates of Kampala", Africa, 83 (2): 143-166.

(2013), "Re-inventing a royalist 'public sphere' in contemporary Uganda: The Example of Central Broadcasting Services (CBS)", Journal of African Cultural Studies, 25 (1): 72-87.

(2012) Co-editor of Special Issue "Parlements de la rue, espaces publics et citoyennete en Afrique" (Street Parliaments, public spheres and citizenship in Africa), with R. Banégas and A. Cutolo, Politique africaine, 127, October. Introduction: "Espaces publics de la parole et pratiques de la citoyennete en Afrique" (Public spheres of speech and practices of citizenship in Africa), with R. Banegas and A. Cutolo, Politique africaine, 127: 5-20.

(2011), "Peace-making, power configurations and media practices in Northern Uganda. A case study of Mega FM", Journal of African Media Studies, 3 (2): 205-225.