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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)



Key publications: 

Authored books:

2011    Human Rights and African Airwaves: Mediating Equality on the Chichewa Radio. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2006    Prisoners of Freedom: Human Rights and the African Poor. Berkeley: University of California Press.

2002    From War to Peace on the Mozambique-Malawi Borderland. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press for the International African Institute.

Edited works:

2011    Christianity and Public Culture in Africa. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press.

2004    Rights and the Politics of Recognition in Africa (with Francis B. Nyamnjoh). London: Zed Books.

2002    A Democracy of Chameleons: Politics and Culture in the New Malawi. Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute.

2002    Special Issue on Malawi (with Deborah Potts and John McCracken). Journal of Southern African Studies 28(1).


2011    The Snowball State and the Perils of Oblivion. Cambridge Anthropology, 29, 30-34.

2008    Extreme Poverty and Existential Obligations: Beyond Morality in the Anthropology of Africa? Social Analysis, 52(3), 33-50.

2007    Witchcraft and the Limits of Mass Mediation in Malawi. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 13(2), 295-311.

2007    Pentecostalism beyond Belief: Trust and Democracy in a Malawian Township. Africa, 77(4), 477-499.

Book chapters:

2012    Poverty. In D. Fassin (ed.) A Companion to Moral Anthropology, 283-302. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.

2012    Cutting Human Rights Down to Size. In M. Goodale (ed.) Human Rights at the Crossroads, 198-209. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2012    Human Rights and Village Headmen in Malawi: Translation beyond Vernacularization. In J. Eckert, B. Donahoe, C. Strümpell and Z. Özlem Biner (eds) Law against the State: Ethnographic Forays into Law’s Transformations, 70-93. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2011    The Anthropologist and His Poor. In E. Bornstein and P. Redfield (eds) Forces of Compassion: Humanitarianism between Ethics and Politics, 71-93. Santa Fe, NM: SAR Press.

2011    Rethinking African Christianities: Beyond the Religion-Politics Conundrum. In H. Englund (ed.) Christianity and Public Culture in Africa, 1-24. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press.

2011    From Spiritual Warfare to Spiritual Kinship: Islamophobia and Evangelical Radio in Malawi. In H. Englund (ed.) Christianity and Public Culture in Africa, 167-188. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press.

Reader; Fellow, Churchill; Director, Centre of African Studies
Dr Harri  Englund
Not available for consultancy