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Dr Jude Browne

Dr Jude Browne

Jessica and Peter Frankopan Director of Gender Studies

Fellow, King's College

Key Publications

Articles and Book Chapters

Browne, J. (2013). 'The Default Model: Gender Equality and Structural Constraint', Politics & Gender. Official Journal of the American Political Sciences Association (APSA). Vol 9, Issue 02. pp. 152-173.

Browne, J. (forth, 2013). 'The Critical Mass Marker Approach: Female Quotas and Social Justice', Political Studies. Official Journal of the Political Studies Association (PSA). See pre-print

Browne, J (2013). 'O'Neill and the Political Turn Against Human Rights'. International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society. Vol 26, Issue 4. pp. 291-304. See pre-print

Browne, J. (2013). 'Dialogue, Politics and Gender - an introduction' in J. Browne (ed.) Dialogue, Politics and Gender. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 1-13.

Browne, J. (forth). 'The UK Government's Refutation of EU COM 614: An Analysis' in Romanowski, A., Bosek, L., and Makowicz, B. (eds) Women, Leadership and Quotas. Warsaw: Sejm Government Publishing House. (Translated into Polish and German by the Bureau of Research, Chancellery of the Polish Sejm).

Browne, J. (forth). 'The Corporate Father' in Inhorn, Marcia.C, Wendy Chavkin, nd Jose-Alberto Navarrro (eds) Globalized Fatherhood. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books.

Browne, J., and Morales, H. (2010). (eds.) 'Gender Controversies' Constellations, Vol. 17, No. 4

Browne, J., (2007), (ed.), The Future of Gender. Cambridge University Press.

Browne, J. (2006), Sex Segregation and Inequality in the Modern Labour Market.The Policy Press.