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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)


December 2015

Enemies of the People: film screening and Q&A
Rob Lemkin

November 2015

Pax Academica and the Art of the (Im)possible: investigating habitus, field and capital with lecturers in peace studies
Kevin Kester (Faculty of Education)

Theorising Borders in an Era of Globalisation and Securitisation
Professor David Newman, Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Ranking Digital Rights Project
Rebecca Mackinnon (New America)

Problematic Politics: is the notion of human rights imperialistic?
Dr Sharath Srinivasan (CGHR), Lucy Wake (Amnesty International), Prof. Stephen Hopgood (CCRI, SOAS), Dr Arath Sriprakash (Cambridge), Srishti Krishnamoorthy (Cambridge)

‘This man does not even know the meaning of peace': conflicting understandings of peace and legitimate violence in Gulu, northern Uganda
Partha Moman (University of Cambridge)

October 2015

Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin's wars and the power of open source
Maks Czuperski (Atlantic Council) and Elliot Higgins (Bellingcat, King's College London)

Africa's Peacemakers: Nobel peacemakers of African Descent
Dr Adekeye Adebajo (Centre for Conflict Resolution, Cape Town)

BP, Colombia, Oil and Ethics
Gilberto Torres (Colombian trade unionist) and others

ICTS and Human Rights Practice: CGHR report launch
Dr Ella McPherson (CGHR/Dept. of Sociology) and Dr Thomas Probert (CGHR/OHCHR)

Political Identity and Conflict in Central Angola 1975-2002 - book launch
>Dr Justin Pearce (POLIS, University of Cambridge)

June 2015

CGHR Research Group: The Art of Justice and the Justice of Art
Eliza Garnsey (POLIS,University of Cambridge)

May 2015

Africa Uprising: Popular Protest and Political Change - book launch
Zachariah Mampilly (Vassar College)

CGHR 5 Year Anniversary Event

Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention - book launch 
Séverine Autesserre (Columbia University)

Magnificent and Beggar Land: Angola since the Civil War - book launch
Ricardo Soares de Oliveira (University of Oxford)

We Know Them: Images of the enemy and decision making in the Sudan-South Sudan secession negotiations
Dr Laura James (POLIS, University of Cambridge)

April 2015

Kashmir's Torture Trail: film screening and Q&A
Jezza Neumann

March 2015

CGHR Practitioners Series: Freddie Carver, Head of Security and Justice Group, Stabilisation Unit, DFID.

Talha Ahsan: the power of poetry and the arts in extradition campaigns
Hamja Ahsan, Julian Huppert MP, Kate Honey (Green Party)

Acephalous movements in Sub-Saharan Africa: the real basis for change?
Dr. Marta Iñiguez de Heredia (POLIS, University of Cambridge)

February 2015

CGHR Practitioners Series: Selma James, Global Women's Strike

Ujamaa: from 1960s Tanzania to 21st century Europe
Selma James, Global Women's Strike

CGHR Practitioners Series: Tech Innovators Working in Human Rights - Tanya O'Carroll, Amnesty International, and Harlo Holmes, The Guardian Project and InformaCam

#ICT4HR: Expert Panel on the Uses of Information Communication Technology to Foster Accountability for Human Rights Violations

The Awra Amba Experience: film screening
Paulina Tervo and Serdar Ferit

The performative core of power and legitimacy in human rights organisations: the case of the Russell Tribunal
Dr Javier Perez Jara (Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge)

January 2015

CGHR Practitioners Series: James Savage, Amnesty International; Valdênia Paulino Lanfranchi, University of York; Mikdam Turkey, London South Bank University

The future of human rights in the UK
Professor Sir David Edward