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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)

Book Launch — "Digital Witness: Using Open Source Information for Human Rights Investigation, Documentation and Accountability" 27 February 2020

 Alexa Koenig, Sam Dubberley, Ella McPherson, Isabel Guenette Thornton, Matt Mahmoudi


CGHR hosted a book launch for ”Digital Witness”, edited by Alexa Koenig, Sam Dubberley and Daragh Murray, including a chapter on ’Open Source Investigations and the Technology-Driven Knowledge Controversy in Human Rights Fact-Finding’ written by CGHR ’s Co-Director, Dr Ella McPherson together with Matt Mahmoudi and Isabel Guenette Thornton. 

This book is the first to cover the history, ethics, methods, and best-practice associated with open source research. It is intended to equip the next generation of lawyers, journalists, sociologists, data scientists, other human rights activists, and researchers with the cutting-edge skills needed to work in an increasingly digitized, and information-saturated environment.

The book arises out of the award-winning Digital Verification Corps collaboration between CGHR, Amnesty International, Essex University and UC-Berkeley.


The Rights Cast

If you want to hear more from the contributors of "Digital Witness" listen to this episode of the RightsCast. The RightsCast brings you discussions on a wide range of contemporary and enduring human rights issues from the University of Essex Human Rights Centre.