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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)


24th January 2011

CGHR Research Group 

The Integration of Human Rights into Official Development Assistance: Towards Reorienting South Korea's ODA Policy

Ms Soo Hee Choi (Visiting Associate at CGHR and International Relations Officer, Communications and Cooperation Division, National Human Rights Commission of Korea)

Ms Soo Hee presented research aimed to explore possible ways to incorporate a human rights framework into South Korea’s future ODA policy. The research reviewed the evolution and meaning of ‘sustainable development’ and ‘human rights-based approach to development’ and looked into the approaches of donor countries to integrating human rights considerations into their ODA programmes. Particular attention was given to four donor countries – Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan – to assess their ODA policies and practices from a human rights perspective. The research paper also examined the recent development of ODA framework of South Korea and provided recommendations for the future inclusion of human rights perspective in its development cooperation.

Discussant: Dr. Emma Mawdsley, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography


    NHRC Korea