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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)


14th October 2010

New Media|Alternative Politics: Communication technologies and political change in the Middle East and Africa

The spread of digital technologies in the Middle East and Africa has generated the view that 'new media' open up political spaces for dissent, activism and emancipation. In October 2010, CGHR and CRASSH convened a conference “New Media|Alternative Politics” that brought together researchers, academics, activists, journalists and policy makers to discuss whether and how new media empower an alternative politics and mobilises political change. Read the Conference Report by CGHR's Karim Amijee and Emil Graesholm.

Convenors: Anne Alexander, Sharath Srinivasan.

New Media and Alternative Politics Working Paper Series

The NMAP working papers are now available:

1. 'New media, same old regime politics: Resisting the repression of media freedom in Zimbabwe': Amanda Atwood and Bev Clark (Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe). Download PDF here.

2. ‘New media in Africa: Tools for Liberation or Means of Subjugation?': Firoze Manji, Alex Free and Cassandra Mark (Pambazuka News & Pambazuka Press, and University of Oxford). Download PDF here.

3. ‘An Undiscovered Archive? Online Video Sharing, Alternative Narratives and the Documentation of History': Fanar Haddad (Queen Mary University of London). Download PDF here.

4. ‘Public as Politician? The improvised hierarchies of participatory influence of the April 6th Youth Movement Facebook Group': Alexandra Dunn (University of Oslo). Download PDF here.

Conference Programme

The conference programme and abstracts are available from the CRASSH website. The Call for Papers may be viewed here.

Opening Session

Deliberating New Media: creating alternative politics in the Middle East and Africa?

Do new media present new or expanded possibilities for political change? What type of change? For whom? At who’s expense? The opening session of the conference, a public panel discussion held at CRASSH on 14 October 2010, debated these questions.

Speakers: Amy Saunderson-Meyer (Freedom Fone), Herman Wasserman (Rhodes University), Firoze Manji (Pambazuka News)

Chairs: Sharath Srinivasan and Anne Alexander












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