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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)


Declarations Season 2

Tune in to Declarations, the human rights podcast run out of CGHR here at the University of Cambridge. Each week, we explore contemporary debates about politics and human rights with some fantastic guests from Cambridge and around the world. Download the latest episodes on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for new updates and the latest episodes. All rights reserved, so to speak. Our theme song, "Relative Dimensions", was created by the artificial intelligence at JukeDeck.


The CGHR Podcast team

Season FOUR:

Season THREE:

Organ Harvesting and Trafficking of Chinese Minorities (with Dr David Matas)

Bodies and Borders: Migration in the Digital Age (Jennifer Tridgell is joined by Petra Molnar and Matt Mahmoudi)

Weaponizing Walls: Trump, the Border, and Its Scars (with Dr. Ieva Jusionyte)

Change in the Niger Delta: Oil Extraction, Greased Palms, and Petro-Capitalism (with Dr Ellas Courson)

Special Episode: Launching 'Rhetoric Versus Reality in the War in Raqqa' (with Amnesty International)

Race, Political Representation and Human Rights in the United Kingdom (with Simon Woolley)

What Can Maps, Twitter, and the Crowd do for Human Rights? 

A Right to Sleep: Homelessness and Temporary Housing

Lost in Europe: Missing Migrant Children

Bolsonaro and #NotHim: Something Old or Something New?

The Right to Protest: Can Dissent Be Scripted Through Human Rights? feat. Mbalenhle Matandela, Rhodes scholar at Oxford University.

Human Rights and Intervention: Do Local Contexts Matter? feat. Dr Njoki Wamai, CGHR Research Associate.

Still I Rise: How Can the Language of Human Rights Challenge Injustice?

Season 2 Prelude: Protest, Subjugation and Technology


Past episodes - Season ONE:

Technology and Human Rights: Does Evidence Matter? feat. Steven Livingston (Professor at George Washington University and Senior Fellow at the Carr Centre for Human Rights at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government)

Pussy Riot: Can Art Topple Tyrants? feat. Pussy Riot's Maria Alyokhina

Is Economics About Human Rights? feat. Dr Ha-Joon Chang (Director of the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge)

How can we be better allies, in advancing LGBT+ rights? feat. Sahil Shah (Master student POLIS) and Podcast team

Is there a Right to Die? feat. Stevie Martin (PhD student Law faculty, University of Cambridge)

Is the International Criminal Court racist? feat. Dr Adam Branch, Lecturer POLIS, University of Cambridge) Georgiana Epure and Surer Mohamed (Master Students POLIS)

Is Reproductive Healthcare a Right? feat. Dr Katie Dow, Dr Mwenza Blell, and Dr Robert Pralat (Cambridge University’s Reproductive Sociology Research Group)

Invasion of Privacy: A False Sense of Security? feat. Claire Lauterbach (Privacy International)

Can I go to America? feat. Ben Gharagozli (immigration lawyer) and Surer Mohamed (Canadian-Somali researcher) 

Is Myanmar Committing Genocide against the Rohingya? feat. Dr Thomas MacManus (Queen Mary University of London) 

Refugee Rights: Whose Responsibility? feat. Dima Krayem (PhD student in Development Studies) and Stefan Theil (Students of Cambridge Refugee Scholarship). 

Environmental Rights:Why divest from Fossil Fuels? feat. Chris Galpin and Emma Bryan (Cambridge Zero Carbon Society) and Carys Goodwin (former New Zealand Green Party staffer). 

Is Christmas a War of Words? Holiday Special

Is there a Right to the City? feat. Graham Denyer Willis (Lecturer, Centre of Development Studies and Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge)

What's wrong with Fake News? feat. Dr Ella McPherson (CGHR Research Associate, Lecturer in the Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology, University of Cambridge)

Are Human Rights "real"? feat. Dr Sharath Srinivasan (Director CGHR)