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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)

COVID-19 Response in Africa

RCCE: Perceptions, Misinformation, and Concerns in African Countries in the time of COVID-19

Sharath Srinivasan, CGHR Co-Director was an expert speaker for the READY weekly webinar on 29 April 2020. This webinar discusses the work CGHR is doing to understand the concerns, perceptions, misinformation and barriers to practising preventative behaviours in Sub-Saharan African countries, as well as how to address those concerns.


Project Overview

Containing and stopping the new coronavirus pandemic requires equitable access to trusted, reliable information. In order to achieve this, we need to understand citizens concerns about COVID-19 and to combat misinformation. Especially in low-income countries, listening to populations to ensure better risk communications and community engagement are vital to prevention effort.


Two years ago, CGHR evaluated Africa’s Voices interactive radio method for rapid research and health communications in epidemics. Drawing on that experience, they have created a pro bono pilot project in Kenya to respond to COVID-19

Drawing on their experience with interactive radio, CGHR and Africa’s Voices have worked to leverage this method to respond to COVID-19. 


Learn more about the Kenya Project



In order to provide those responding to COVID19 in Somalia with a snapshot of how the people of Somalia are thinking about the epidemic in these early days, CGHR partnered with Africa’s Voices and reached out using its established multimedia interactive platform called Imaqal (‘listen to me’) that promotes gender equality and social inclusion. We sent out this broad question to Imaqal listeners.

‘Dear Imaqal Listener, your voice is important for the response to COVID19. What are your thoughts on coronavirus?’

This message was sent out to 51,000 recipients, and responses were collected over the course of a weekend, 3-5 April 2020. 7,747 responded (approximately 15%) with over 18,000 SMS received.



Learn more about the Somalia Project