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Become a Digital Human Rights Investigator with Amnesty International and the CGHR at Cambridge!

last modified Oct 09, 2019 03:11 PM
Commitment is 3-6 hours a week, and applications close midday on the 13th of October.

The Cambridge DVC uses digital investigative tools to source and verify photos and videos of events happening in the world today.

We’ve worked on challenging the coalition’s damage assessment in the aftermath of the airstrikes on Raqqa in Syria, the Hong Kong and French Yellow vest protests, and more. Open source investigations and digital verification methods could not be more important than they are in this particular moment. 

Commitment is 3-6 hours a week, and applications close midday on the 13th of October. 

*Please make sure you are available for a compulsory training/info session 11-1pm on Saturday 19th at the Cambridge Centre for Global Equality (Kings Arcade), as well as our training weekend in Colchester October 26-27th (food, transport and accommodation will be provided).

Feel free to contact any of the coordinators listed below with any questions: 

Dr Ella McPherson (
Ray Adams Row Farr (
Matt Mahmoudi (
Rebekah Lyndon (