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Regional Review of the Geneva Declaration in Nairobi

last modified Jul 06, 2017 09:26 AM
28th November 2014


As part of the research on violations of the right to life in Africa earlier this year, CGHR used material and research gathered by the secretariat of the Geneva Declaration, which monitors indicators of violence around the world, both in conflict setting and outside them. Over the course of 2014 the Geneva Declaration has been conducting a series of Regional Review Conferences, of which the last, on sub-Saharan Africa, was held in Nairobi this week.

CGHR Research Associate Thomas Probert was invited to the conference to present on behalf of the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions as part of a panel on 'The Importance of Justice and Security Providers for Peace and Development'. In light of the Special Rapporteur's report to the Human Rights Council earlier this year, and the chapter on excessive use of force in CGHR's study Unlawful Killings in Africa, Dr Probert focused on the extent to which security providers could themselves be agents of violence, and suggested ways in which domestic legislation concerning the use of force could be brought into conformity with international standards.

More information on the Geneva Declaration, including its various Regional Review Conferences in 2014, and the anticipated publication of the latest version of its Global Burden of Armed Violence report can be found here.

Before the conference Dr Probert participated in a regional civil society workshop hosted by the Global Alliance on Armed Violence (GAAV) with the America Friends Service Committee (AFSC) on Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence to Promote Development. More than 30 civil society organisations were able to attend the meeting in Nairobi, and a further 190 participated in an online consultation beforehand. The workshop produced a statement of recommendations to the states and other agencies represented at the Regional Review Conference. The civil society statement is available here.