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Centre of Governance & Human Rights (CGHR)



We are hiring a Postdoctoral Scholar!

CGHR is seeking to appoint a full-time postdoctoral researcher associate (RA) for a two-year period, starting in January 2024 to work on applied research closely connected to the theme of technology, human rights and democracy.

CGHR thinks critically and innovatively to foster citizen voice and solidarity-building towards a just, inclusive and better world. Across the world, societies and polities face rapid transformations in technology, alongside upheavals in climate, health, conflict and global order, and demands to address historic and new injustices. Our challenge is to more sharply understand these dynamics and their implications, and to improve how research supports progressive change and those who drive it. Academic research centres committed to praxis have a crucial role to play. At their best, they combine independence and freedom of thought, rigorous and innovative research, and patient and deep exchanges with practitioners. From over a decade of critical and collaborative praxis research, we have learnt that the crucial spaces for new thinking and action lie at intersections and in interactions between practice and scholarship, between disciplines, and between individuals and institutions across the world.

We are hiring a two year Postdoctoral Scholar who will divide their time between their own research and collaborative research at the Centre, as well as be part of a vibrant group of scholars and students working in this space. Please share with anyone you think would be interested and reach out with any questions!

More information:

Informal enquiries may be directed to CGHR's Coordinator, Anusha Arumugam:

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