Research Associates

Dr Kate Wright

Research Associate

Kate Wright researches the moral economies of international news: studying how journalists negotiate tensions between normative values and the changing political, economic and technological contexts of their work.

Dr Sebastián Lehuedé

CGHR Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr Sebastián Lehuedé was Postdoctoral Scholar at the Centre of Governance and Human Rights (2021-23), and a Technology & Human Rights Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard…

Dr Zeina Al Azmeh

Research Associate

Zeina Al Azmeh is a Centenary Research Fellowship at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. She is also a research associate with Cambridge University’s Centre for Governance and Human…

Dr Dorien Braam

Research Associate

Dorien Braam previously worked with the UN, Netherlands Government and NGO’s across Asia and Eastern Africa focusing on forced migration, protection, human rights and shelter, before returning to…

Luke Church

Research Associate

He is the founder of Lark Systems, lead technologist at Africa’s Voices Foundation, and assists a number of other organisations with socio-technical design needs.

Dr Stephanie Diepeveen

CGHR Research Associate

Stephanie's research is focused on how digital technologies and the use of data transform democratic politics, inclusion and inequalities. Stephanie’s work brings a global perspective, having explored the…

Dr Rebekah Larsen

Research Associate

Rebekah is an early career media sociologist with a PhD from Cambridge University. My work engages with concepts of alternative news ecosystems, rurality, platformization, (mis)information, networked publics, sociotechnical…

Dr Matt Mahmoudi

Research Associate

Matt is the Program Lead at The Whistle Project, a digital human rights platform based out of the Department of Sociology and the Centre of Governance and Human…

Dr Thomas Probert

Research Associate

Thomas Probert is the Head of Research of the new international collaboration “Freedom from Violence”, initially housed at ICLA, which is an initiative to establish a research network…