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Principal Investigator

Dr Sharath Srinivasan

CGHR's Director is Principal Investigator and grant holder for the project. He oversees the research design and analysis, conducts aspects of the fieldwork and manages and builds the project's institutional partnerships. ()

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Research Associates

Dr. Claudia Abreu Lopes 

Cambridge CGHR's post-doctoral Research Associate on the project New Communication Technologies and Citizen-led Governance in Africa. Claudia leads research on Africa's Voices, collaborating with FrontlineSMS:Radio, YouGov, radios stations in Africa, and development partners. This pilot project tests new methodologies for public opinion and audience research through the combined use of mobile phones and interactive radio. Building from this pilot research, Claudia is helping to shape CGHR's longer-term research agenda in this increasingly important subject area. Her recent research has investigated the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on the management practices, content production, and sustainability of rural and community radios in Mozambique, Uganda, and Mali. Claudia holds a PhD in Social Research Methods from the London School of Economics (LSE): "From description to explanation in cross-national research: The case of economic morality", that developed a social mechanism to explain consumer fraud across Europe. Before joining CGHR, Claudia was a Teaching Fellow in social psychology and research methods at the LSE. ()

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Dr. Florence Brisset-Foucault

During 2011-12, CGHR's post-doctoral Research Associate on the New Communication Technologies and Citizen-led Governance in Africa research project. Now, as a Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, Florence continues to lead the development of outputs from CGHR's case-study research into the impact of new media and communication technologies on forms of governance and political participation in Africa. Florence holds a PhD in political science from the University of La Sorbonne; her dissertation explored repertoires of criticism and imaginaries of citizenship in contemporary Uganda through the analysis of open radio debates (ebimeeza). Her interests lie in political imaginaries and processes of State formation in Africa, and she works on a variety of topics with a focus on East Africa. She is a member of the Association des chercheurs de Politique africaine (ACPA) as well as the Groupe d'initiatives et de recherches sur l'Afrique (GIRAF). (Email)

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Dr. Iginio Gagliardone

During 2011, CGHR's first post-doctoral Research Associate on the New Communication Technologies and Citizen-led Governance in Africa research project. Prior to his award of a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Iginio led research design, partnerships and field research in Kenya. Iginio has previously worked for UNESCO in Addis Ababa, coordinating programs for the use of ICTs for development, and for the Stanhope Centre for Communication Policy Research. His recent research includes an analysis of the implications of China's increasing involvement in the media in Africa and the coordination of the collection of public opinions in Darfur on understandings of the conflict and efforts to support peace initiatives. He completed his PhD at the London School of Economics investigating the relationship between ICTs and nation-building in Ethiopia. Iginio is also an Associate of the Centre for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania. (Email)

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Dr Alastair Fraser

Philomathia Fellow in African Politics based at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. His primary research interests are in Southern Africa (principally Zambia) and in international relations and the political economy of development. He has published on aid negotiations, debt relief, electoral politics, populism, participatory development and poverty reduction strategies. His most recent publication is a volume co-edited with Miles Larmer: "Zambia, Mining, and Neoliberalism - Boom and Bust on the Globalized Copperbelt", Palgrave MacMillan, December 2010. (Email)

Research Assistant

Emil Graesholm

Now graduated from University of Cambridge with a BA in Politics, Emil has been working on the research project through his final year dissertation entitled "New Media and their Impact on Governance and Participatory Politics in Kenya" looking at the effect of ICT use in informal networks of the Kibera slum and ICT as a tool for formal integration into political processes pursued by state and NGO agents. During the fieldwork, Emil also facilitated training and relationships with radio partner Pamoja FM in Kibera. (Email)

Emil has also contributed to the centre's development and been responsible for updating the website as well as developing a new website for the research project.

Past Research Assistants

Daniella Ritzau-Reid, SPS graduate Lucy Cavendish College 2010

Karim Amijee, SPS graduate Queen's College 2010