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Beyond Revolutions Conference 2011

Conference Report

Download the report in Adobe PDF format.

The ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions taking place in North Africa since the beginning of 2011 have stressed the imperative for research exploring the potential of ICTs for political change. On 11 November 2011 CGHR and The Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) gathered scholars from a range of disciplines to examine the ability of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to affect and transform governance processes in Africa. The conference aimed to extend this research agenda, exploring how ICTs are affecting and possibly transforming the nature of political mobilization and participation across Africa. Please find the conference report above.

Videos of the sessions which took place as part of the conference can be viewed here.


New Media|Alternative Politics: Communication technologies and political change in the Middle East and Africa


The spread of digital technologies in the Middle East and Africa has generated the view that 'new media' open up political spaces for dissent, activism and emancipation. In October 2010, CGHR and CRASSH convened a conference “New Media|Alternative Politics” that brought together researchers, academics, activists, journalists and policy makers to discuss whether and how new media empower an alternative politics and mobilises political change.

Video and audio from the conference can be viewed here.