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Participating Radio Stations

Breeze FM

Chipata, Zambia

breezeBreeze FM is a community-based commercial radio station located in Chipata, in the Eastern Province of Zambia. It broadcasts in Linyanja and English. Close to the eastern border, the signal reaches parts of Malawi and Mozambique. It was launched in 2002, targeting peasant farmers and villagers, small-scale traders, workers and businesspeople. It aims to provide useful, up-to-date information and to enable vulnerable groups to engage in public dialogue and debate. (Photo credit: Developing Radio Partners & FrontlineSMS)

Radio Buddu

Masaka, Uganda buddu

Radio Budduaddress development and social issues that concern local communities in these districts through entertainment and discussion. It broadcasts mainly in Luganda. (Photo credit: Florence Brisset-Foucault)

Radio Gbafth

Mile 91, Sierra Leone
Website: Radio Gbafthgbafth

Radio Gbafth is a crucial actor in peace building and community engagement in the northern region of Sierra Leone. It was inspired by a station established by displaced residents of Makeni, while they were living as refugees in Mile 91. When they returned home in 2001, Mile 91 residents launched Gbafth. It broadcasts in Creole and Temne.

Mudzi Wathu

Mchinji Boma, Malawimudziwathu

Mudzi Wathu Community Radio Station is located in the Central Region of Malawi at Mchinji Boma. It was launched in 2006 with the purpose of raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and promoting care of sufferers and their families. Its signal reaches parts of Lilongwe, Dowa, Ntchisi and Kasungu Districts as well as parts of Mozambique and Zambia.

Radio Nam Lolwe

Kisumu, Kenya namlolwe

Radio Nam Lolwe was launched in 2007 and is located in the port city of Kisumu. Broadcasting mainly in Luo, it aims to inform, educate and entertain its listeners by providing balanced political, social and economic debate.

Rite FM

Somanya, Ghana
Website: ritefmonline.orgritefm

Broadcasting in the Rite FM studioRite FM was founded by Farm Management Services Limited (FMSL Gh. Ltd) in 2007. The company seeks to promote commercial agriculture ventures as a means of sustainable livelihood. Using radio to reach audiences in the Greater Accra, Volta and Eastern regions, Rite FM broadcasts programmes that inform farmers on a broad number of issues, and engage them in discussions around agriculture and social development. It broadcasts in English, Krobo and Twi. (Photo credit: Tully McLoughlin)

Radio Ulanga FM


Mahenge, Tanzania

Radio Ulanga FM is a community radio station based in Mahenge in the Ulanga district of Tanzania.

The station has a multi-dimensional approach to entertaining, contributing to enhance the community's capacity of dialogue, debate and exchanging ideas.

Radio Nkhotakota

Nkhotakota, Malawi

Nkhotakota Community Radio was set up in 2001 and started broadcasting in November 2003. It Partner Stationswas set up as a community project by Malawi National Commission for UNESCO to promote community participation in developmental activities. Founded on the vision of achieving a well economically and socially empowered community with equal opportunities and active participation in sustainable development, the station is governed by the board, management and operation staff. The station has a very stable transmission background and enjoys massive listenership through its interactive community programs. The station covers the whole of Nkhotakota district and Ntchisi district including some parts of Salima, Dowa, Nkhatabay, Kasungu and Mzimba districts. (Photo credit: Ken Banks,

Radio Comunitaria de Gorongosa

Sofala, Mozambiquegorongosa

Radio Gorongosa is a community radio station based in the Sofala province in Mozambique and was founded in 2007. Their motto in Portuguese is "Radio Comunitaria de Gorongosa: Orgulho da Comunidade. Ela é da comunidade e veio servir a comunidade" - in English, "Gorongosa Community Radio: Pride of the Community. We are the community and we came to serve the community. The station employs young volunteer journalists who gain skills and experience there.

Map of participating stations