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Ongoing research and publications

Stephanie Diepeveen

Stephanie’s research interests lie in the intersection of political power and digital communication media in Africa, interrogating this relationship through serious engagement with political thought and empirical research. To this end, she is heading up the CGHR review into the relationship between communication and power in political histories of the colonial and postcolonial state in Africa. Looking to the contemporary context, Stephanie’s research focuses on the use of mobile phones and digital media in everyday politics in contemporary Kenya. This includes an interrogation of the potential insights derived through the application of Hannah Arendt’s ideas of power and rule to everyday political communications in the County of Mombasa, Kenya.

Selected publications 

Diepeveen, S.(2016). ‘Politics in everyday Kenyan street-life: The people’s parliament in Mombasa, Kenya’. Journal of Eastern African Studies10, no. 2: 266-283. 

Srinivasan, S. andDiepeveen, S. (2016).The power of publics: Competing imaginaries of the radio audience in Kenya and Zambia. PiMA Working Paper #10.Centre of Governance and Human Rights, University of Cambridge. 

Diepeveen, S.(2010). ‘“The Kenyas we don’t want”: Popular thought and high political manoeuvre over Constitutional Review in Kenya, c2002’. Journal of Modern African Studies48, no. 2: 231-258.

Diepeveen, S.(2008). ‘Putting Empowerment into Practice: Evaluating the Potential for “Development as Freedom” in the Millennium Villages Project’. Undercurrent: The Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Development Studies5, no. 5: 6-13.

Marjanovic, S., Hanlin, R., Diepeveen, S.and Chataway, J. (2012). ‘Research Capacity Building in Africa: Networks, Institutions and Local Ownership’. Journal of International Development25, no. 7: 936-946.


In progress

Srinivasan, S. andDiepeveen, S. ‘The power of the ‘audience-public’: Interactive radio in Africa’, article submitted to The International Journal of Press/Politics. Status: under review.

Diepeveen, S. ‘An illusion of publicity: Facebook and the transformation of a public realm in Mombasa, Kenya’ Anticipated submission as part of a special issue on ‘Digital Publics and Counterpublics in Africa’. Status: under review.

Srinivasan, S., Karakwaivanane, G. and Diepeveen, S.‘Introduction: Digital Publics and Counterpublics in Africa’. Introduction to a special issue submission on ‘Digital Publics and Counterpublics in Africa’. Status: under review.


Dr Stephanie Diepeveen, CGHR research associate