Practitioner Series: Jason McCue, McCue Jury & Partners LLP

Jason McCue is a founding partner of Ebro Global, a not for profit organisation providing consultancy to governments and INGOs, and of Rigel, which provides litigation support and consultancy. He is Senior Partner of international law firm, McCue Jury & Partners LLP. Jason is also a founding partner of Greenlit SA, a funding platform for global ESG-related litigation.

Among other roles, he has acted as Presidential Envoy for Somaliland; as facilitator to the joint UN/AU Darfur Peace Process; as adviser on transitional justice to the Transitional Government of Libya; and as head of the Libya-UK Victims Reconciliation Group. Jason recently founded Ukraine Justice Alliance to provide legal resource, including on lawfare, accountability and reparations, to the Ukrainian people, government, and civil society. Leading law firms, academics, and law schools throughout the world have joined the UJA to date. Jason is leading the Ukrainian Government-backed civil society lawfare programme. He has also been a board member or advisor to numerous charities and NGOs including Oxfam, the Great Initiative, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and Crisis Action.

Jason’s specialisation – in practice and academically – is state, private, hybrid and civil society lawfare – namely, the use of law to gain strategic advantages. He has advised and acted on lawfare matters for numerous heads of state, governments, opposition groups, international bodies, NGOs, civil society, and corporates. He is responsible for orchestrating and managing some of the largest victim-led justice, human rights, international law, and environmental class actions around the world. This includes cases against the IRA , Hamas, IS, Ghaddafi, Lukashenko, and he recently represented the victims of Rohingya genocide in a class action against Facebook.

Jason’s career is in international affairs – including conflict resolution and humanitarian, justice, development and state-building matters. He has also worked in private diplomacy and as an international lawyer on human rights, counter-terrorism/rogue regimes, global victim class action litigation, conflict resolution, and transitional justice. He was the UK Law Society’s 2010 lawyer of the year for his work on human rights.

CGHR’s Practitioner Series:

CGHR runs a Practitioner Series each year in Lent term, which features human rights activists, aid practitioners, journalists and others working in the fields of governance and human rights. Our speakers relate stories about their own experience and trajectory with details about what the work itself involves. The session thus offers a combination of substantive discussion of the speaker’s work and critical views on the challenges of working in their area, as well as personal and practical insights into how they ended up doing what they do and how they would advise others thinking about practice/policy as a possible future after studies/research.

CGHR’s Practitioner Series provides undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers with the chance to interact with practitioners at the cutting edge of their fields.