BOOK LAUNCH! The News Media in Puerto Rico: Journalism in Colonial Settings

Authors: Federico Subervi-Vélez, Sandra Rodríguez Cotto, Jairo Lugo-Ocando

The News Media in Puerto Rico: Journalism in Colonial Settings and in Times of Crises is the most contemporary and critical book on that subject. The authors of the book build on historical research, interviews with journalists, and colonial theoretical frameworks to explain the challenges facing the media and the Puerto Rican public in these times of crises.

The authors also document the impact of Hurricane Maria on the media structures and the changing media landscape given the political, economic and colonial strictures. Building on interviews with news media professionals, the book further presents detailed insights about journalism and journalism education in these times of crises. The final chapters include theoretical frameworks and methodological guidelines for the analysis of other colonial, post-colonial and neo-colonial media systems, with research recommendations valuable for future studies of the Island’s media as well as for cross-national comparisons. This book will be an essential read for students and scholars interested in learning not only about the Puerto Rican and Latin American mass media, but also the media systems of other colonial/neo-colonial countries.

This talk will address the genesis of the book, key findings and its value for future studies of media in colonial and neocolonial settings.