Teach-out: Renata Ávila, Open Knowledge Foundation

The Cambridge Branch of the University and College Union (UCU) will be undertaking strike action along with colleagues from other universities. This virtual teach-out will bring together human rights practitioners and students to discuss careers advocating for equality and justice.

Renata Avila is CEO of Open Knowledge Foundation. She is an international lawyer, author and advocate with nearly 20 years of experience in sustainable development, digital transformation, policymaking and global internet activism. She is an affiliate of the Stanford Institute of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and was a 2020 Stanford Race and Technology Fellow at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University.

She holds an LLM from the University of Turin in Italy, a Diploma of International Law from the Hague Academy in The Netherlands, and a law degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala.

Renata will be speaking about the international open knowledge movement to combat misinformation, followed by a QA with the audience to provide the opportunity for students to engage with the topics discussed. The discussion will also be about digital activism and how to do it safely.

CGHR’s Practitioner Series:

CGHR runs a Practitioner Series each year in Lent term, which features human rights activists, aid practitioners, journalists and others working in the fields of governance and human rights. Our speakers relate stories about their own experience and trajectory with details about what the work itself involves. The session thus offers a combination of substantive discussion of the speaker’s work and critical views on the challenges of working in their area, as well as personal and practical insights into how they ended up doing what they do and how they would advise others thinking about practice/policy as a possible future after studies/research.

CGHR’s Practitioner Series provides undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers with the chance to interact with practitioners at the cutting edge of their fields.