Declarations Podcast

Declarations— The Human Rights Podcast

The origins of the Declarations podcast can be traced back to a serendipitous conversation between a group of like-minded students who shared a passion for storytelling and a desire to create a platform for meaningful discussions. Founded by Matthew Mahmoudi and [Co-founder’s Name], it all started with a simple microphone and a shared dream of bringing forth a discussion of human rights issues in an accessible form to the public. The initial spark ignited from our collective love for podcasts and the realization that we could use this medium to explore diverse topics, challenge conventional wisdom, and give a voice to the unheard. With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, we embarked on this journey, unaware of the impact it would have on our lives and the lives of others.

After seven successful seasons, with a total of 96 number of episodes, the podcast has established a set of guiding principles and values that have served as the foundation for our work. Authenticity, curiosity, rigorous research, integrity, critical thinking, creativity, and inclusivity became the pillars upon which we built our content. We believe in presenting stories that reflect the true essence of the human experience, giving voice to individuals from all walks of life. Our curiosity drives us to ask thought-provoking questions, delve into complex topics, and challenge prevailing narratives. Inclusivity is at the core of our ethos, as we strive to create a safe space where diverse perspectives are celebrated and respected. This commitment to our principles has led us to explore various themes for each season, such as “Protests, Subjugation, and Technology,” “Memory, Community, Futures,” “We Need to Talk,” and “Keeping up with Human Rights in a New Age,” among others.

As we have progressed on our podcasting journey, our institutional memory has woven a tapestry of memorable experiences and transformative moments. These experiences, coupled with the genuine passion we hold for the project, have played a crucial role in attracting similarly enthusiastic students to join our team. We believe that our authenticity and commitment to producing high-quality content resonates with individuals who are driven by a desire to make a difference and share stories that matter. When recruiting new team members, we seek students who possess a genuine curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to learn and grow. We value creativity, dedication, and the ability to collaborate effectively within a team. Ultimately, we look for individuals who share our vision and are eager to contribute their unique talents to our podcasting endeavours.