CGHR Co-Director Appointed as Judge for Generative AI Skills Challenge, with support from Microsoft, is launching the Generative AI Skills Challenge and CGHR Co-Director Dr Sharath Srinivasan, alongside other prominent industry experts on social sector skill development and the impact of new technologies, such as generative AI, have been appointed to the international panel of judges to review Challenge applications.

The Challenge is essentially a global grant for organizations to help train and upskill teams on generative AI to drive social impact. With a particular focus on fair and community-led integration in low- and middle-income countries and contexts (LMICs), the Challenge aims to accelerate digital inclusion, socioeconomic mobility, and skills advancement and acquisition for workers from historically marginalized populations around the world.

A foundational objective of the Generative AI Skills Challenge is to ensure that AI responsibly serves the public good by providing opportunities and solutions that will enable organizations to train and upskill the workforce in generative AI to keep worker skills relevant in the ever-changing digital economy. With that, it is critically important that we develop a design philosophy that accommodates applicants from communities and contexts with systemic inequities and a digital divide. gestions for applying existing technologies to local contexts.

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