Africa’s Voices’ 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday, 6th June 2024, we are hosting a special event marking a decade since the spinout of Africa’s Voices from research at the Centre of Governance & Human Rights.

We are thrilled to welcome Samuel Kimeu, Executive Director of Africa’s Voices. He will be joined by David Green, Chair of Africa’s Voices, and Simon Cairns, Co-Founder and former Chair, for this milestone celebration.

Over the past decade, Africa’s Voices has grown into a pivotal organization headquartered in Kenya, working primarily in Kenya and Somalia on themes ranging from peacebuilding and local development to health and humanitarian response. Through innovative approaches that amplify citizen voices, Africa’s Voices has played a crucial role in shaping development and governance outcomes on the continent. By leveraging media and digital technologies, the organization has facilitated meaningful dialogues that bring the perspectives and experiences of ordinary citizens to the forefront of decision-making processes. This event will celebrate our journey, highlighting the impactful work we’ve done and the partnerships we’ve formed along the way.

We will get together in celebration of the journey travelled, and to hear from Samuel on Africa’s Voices today, and where he and the team hope to take it in the future. Our hope is that we might also rekindle connections and possibilities for renewed collaboration between Cambridge and his team. We look forward to celebrating this special occasion.

Attendance by invitation only, if interested please get in touch.