Movie Screening: The Cost of Convenience

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The Cost Of Convenience examines how internet platforms are impacting our mental health, restructuring our communities, threatening our democracy, and violating our human rights. This is a problem defining an era and defining our future. For more than three years, David’s team worked with a cast of experts in a variety of fields from around the globe to identify the root cause of this problem, so it will not repeat with each iteration of new technology introduced to the public.

The Mission: Finding a sustainable relationship with technology is the most significant and urgent issue of our time, as it impacts all the other existential problems we face as individuals, societies, nations, and species. The mission with this film is to distill this complex problem into digestible truths that convey the costs of internet platforms and make them as widely understood in the canon of common knowledge as the benefits. The first step to solving any problem is to identify it. This film serves as a public service announcement to inform global citizens, protect our children, and preserve human values. It was financed independently to stay true to this mission and does not represent the interest of political or corporate organizations.

Post-Screening, we will be hosting an in-person Q&A with director David Donnelly, co-star Dr. Ella McPherson, and composer Michael Csanyi-Wills.

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