Annual Report 2014-15

As Head of POLIS it is my pleasure to introduce this report on the activities of CGHR, which continues to go from strength to strength. I had the privilege of attending the CGHR five-year anniversary event earlier in the year that showcased the remarkable range of activities of the Centre during its short life, across academic research, campaigning, outreach and spin-out projects like the Africa’s Voices programme.

CGHR continues to lead the way in Cambridge and beyond in driving high-level interdisciplinary work that focuses on real-world impact. What the presentations at the anniversary event showed is that innovative research at the intersection of multiple academic disciplines is vital to injecting fresh thinking into the problems of governance and human rights. The next five years of the Centre promise to be even more fruitful in delivering on this agenda.

I am particularly pleased that the Centre has launched a new research theme, Human Rights in the Digital Age. Read more: