Publication Type: Annual Reports

CGHR’s annual reports are a comprehensive record of our work, research and publications throughout the year.

Biennial Report 2020-22

2020-22 saw us into our second decade as a research centre. The background to this was the pandemic, which presented many challenges. We adapted and supported each other.

Biennial Report 2018-20

We wrote our report in tumultuous times which reminded us of the importance of critical perspectives. We take a moment to highlight ten such contributions over ten years.

Biennial Report 2016-18

2016-2018 saw changes at CGHR that affirmed its multi-disciplinary credentials in Cambridge. Ella and Sharath's initiative to start a podcast 'Declarations' is proving to be a success.

Annual Report 2015-16

CGHR welcomed a Wellcome Trust project on health and technology. It has also seen the development of Ella McPherson’s work on Human Rights in the Digital Age.

Annual Report 2014-15

CGHR's five-year anniversary event showcased how interdisciplinary research is vital to human rights. The Centre launched the theme 'Human Rights in the Digital Age'.

Annual Report 2013-14

CGHR has combined interdisciplinary work with policy over the last five years. Under Dr Srinivasan, the Centre has built partnerships that ensure dissemination of this important work.

Annual Report 2012-13

The CGHR's profile is rising due to work in the Cambridge-Africa Programme and beyond. Its team have support from the Cambridge-Africa Alborada and the Vice Chancellor’s Discretionary Funds.

Annual Report 2011-12

2016-2018 saw new directions and exciting changes at CGHR. As the new Co-Directors of the centre, we have broadened the leadership from our home in POLIS, Sharath’s department,…

Annual Report 2010-11

The CGHR has become a forum for work on human rights in Africa. CGHR welcomes Dr Gagliardone and Dr Brisset-Foucault researching technology and political change in Africa.