Guest Lecture: Studying AI in Comparative Global Context

We are excited that CGHR Postdoc Dr Ashwin Varghese will be delivering a guest lecture at Homerton College on Friday, 21 June 2024. His lecture, ‘Studying AI in Comparative Global Context’ is closely related to his research interests at CGHR.

According to Ashwin, AI is everywhere. However, are experiences of AI the same around the globe? If experiences vary, what accounts for these variations? Ashwin’s lecture unpacks how power hierarchies, labour relations and social inequalities condition the varying experiences of AI; and engages with key theories and methods that help scholars study the social implications of AI in comparative global contexts.

Ashwin previously studied power relations in everyday policing practices, drawing from an ethnographic study of police stations in India. His subsequent work has focused on the concept of Algorithmic Governance, analysing digital transformations of state practices. At CGHR, he is expanding on this work to study the ongoing transformations in the state’s internal mechanism, focusing on the changing dynamics of discretion, autonomy and control. His broader areas of interest include political economy of the state, ethnographic methods, science and technology studies and sociology of governance and development.