The CGHR Student Group 2022-2023

This year, the Student Group focused on its resurgence after the Covid-19 pandemic’s detrimental impacts on student participation. Our efforts have zeroed in on outreach, sustaining existing events, and proposing new projects for CGHR’s evolution. Anusha, Abii-Tah, and Marcus from the Student Group are currently working on a project investigating the gazetting of ancestral lands of the Orang Asli (indigenous groups) in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Hong Yu Liu, Lu Wang, Muhammed Alakitan, and Anusha have set up the Voices 4 Workers in Tech (V4WT), an interdisciplinary research group vested in understanding how to promote the ethical production of digital software. 

The Student Group is also expanding its outreach— please follow us on CGHR’s social media accounts! Through new content, we hope to inspire prospective members and boost event attendance. We look forward to driving more engagement through innovative recruitment in Lent Term.

In Michaelmas Term, the Student Group was busy organizing our annual Lent Term Practitioner Series. We cannot wait for our speakers’ brilliant voices to reverberate across Cambridge. Please see CGHR’s Term Card below for the Practitioner Series!

The Student Group aims to contribute to CGHR’s evolution by extending the Centre to new opportunities for impact in regions, themes, and fields beyond typical considerations. This year, our themes include displacement, cyber security, indigenous peoples’ rights, extractivism, environmental justice, and human rights litigation. These themes guide us in designing projects and partnership opportunities. Stay tuned as we unravel our developing projects and events during Lent.

Student Group 2022-2023:

Abii-Tah Bih

Anusha Arumugam

Evie Malin

Farah Elaboudy

Francis Corson

Hong Yu Liu

Lisa Sefton

Lu Wang 

Marcus Jones

Muhammed Alakitan