Practitioner Series: Carly Kind on Tech, Data and AI

On 8 March 2023, CGHR Co-Director Dr Ella McPherson moderated a session with Carly Kind, the Director of the Ada Lovelace Institute.

A human rights lawyer and leading authority on the intersection of technology policy and human rights, Carly has advised industry, government and non-profit organisations on digital rights, privacy and data protection, and corporate accountability in the technology sphere. She has worked with the European Commission, the Council of Europe, numerous UN bodies and a range of civil society organisations. She was formerly Legal Director of Privacy International, an NGO dedicated to promoting data rights and governance.

Carly to spoke to students about how she came to work in the field that she is in — with details about what the work itself involved. The session offered a combination of substantive discussion of the speaker’s work and critical views on the challenges of working in their area, as well as personal and practical insights into how they ended up doing what they do and how they would advise others thinking about practice/policy as a possible future after studies/research.